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General Dentistry

Guiding you to achieve a radiant smile

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Overall Oral Health & Hygiene

It is important to make sure you are keeping up with your oral health by visiting a dentist on a regular basis. Scheduling regular cleaning and check-up visits ensures that you are aware of any conditions which may arise such as gum disease and or tooth restorations. Our staff are able to advise you and are here to ensure you are taking the best care of yourself.

Kids Dentistry

Starting regular visits to the dentist at an early age is the best way to keep that smile healthy and beautiful for your child’s entire life.

By bringing in your children at an early age you can be sure that no dental or oral health conditions will go unnoticed or untreated. You will be part of the team that helps develop a healthy habit in your child at an early age.


We practice preventive dentistry. From your child’s first tooth to their adult smile we are there for simple check-ups, preventive sealants, fillings, specialized anesthesia, braces and much more!

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Tooth Restorations

Also known as fillings, restorations are required when a tooth develops decay (cavity). Decay will continue to spread over the tooth surfaces if it is not removed, left untreated it will become worse and eventually it may cause the tooth to weaken, break and/or an abscess to form. If the tooth reaches this state you will most likely require a root canal. This is why it is important to treat a cavity as soon as possible, meaning before it starts to bother you.


Most commonly referred to as a root canal, endodontic treatment will be required when the nerve of a tooth has become infected. This treatment is recommended so that the tooth can be saved rather than extracted; it is important to make the best efforts to keep your teeth as you want to avoid them from shifting out of line. The shifting of your teeth will change how you bite and may cause jaw pain. 


A root canal treated tooth will be more prone to fractures, but can be reinforced with a post and a porcelain crown.

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The removal of a tooth may be required for a variety of reasons. Most often an extraction will be recommended for teeth which are no longer restorable due to decay, infection or trauma. Wisdom tooth extractions may also be necessary due to a lack of space in the mouth causing crowding or impaction of the teeth resulting in repeated gum infections.

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